How to Buy Electroneum


Electroneum is now live. Electroneum can be bought only from exchanges. Download Android app from play store. Use Referral Code 72BB92 in Android app for a chance to win 5000 ETN weekly. Steps to buy Electroneum and names of exchanges where Electroneum has applied are listed below.

Steps to buy Electroneum from Exchanges

1. Buy some Bitcoin you can afford. If you don’t have any Bitcoin, read this article: How to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum using Credit / Debit cardTo view current Electroneum(ETN) price click here.

2. Register at any of the exchanges where Electroneum is listed. The names of exchanges as mentioned on their website is given below:

  • Cryptopia – Trading with BTC/USDT/LTC/DODGE (no ID verification/ KYC)
  • KucoinTrading with BTC/ETH (no ID verification/ KYC)
  • Tradeogre – Trading with BTC (no ID verification/ KYC)
  • HitBtc – Applied (no ID verification)
  • Coinbene
  • Bitbns
  • Oex

3. Deposit/Transfer some Bitcoin to exchange wallet.

4. Then buy Electroneum from the exchanges using Bitcoin and then HOLD till its value reaches 1$. Comment your doubts below. To get new updates about Electroneum subscribe this blog via email.

Steps to sell Electroneum at Exchanges

1. Deposit/Transfer some Electroneum to exchange’s Electroneum wallet.

2. Enter the price in Bitcoin and click Sell.

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