How to create a new website: Part 1


We are now living in an internet era. Everything is coordinated through websites, softwares and computers. Internet is now an important part of our life. Now almost all the major companies, institutions, organizations and even governments have websites.

Websites allow us to easily communicate with customers, share our ideas and knowledge with the world etc.

While visiting websites we always wonder how they are operated, what is running them etc. The following articles will explain all the background details.

The most popular websites now are Google and Facebook. These two web giants now control the internet world. was created by Larry Page and Sergy Brin in 1998. They were only about 25 years old at that time. was co-founded by Mark Suckerberg in 2004. He started it when he was only 20 years old. Now Facebook has around 2 billion members.

Can we start our own website?

Yes. We can create our own website like We cannot create a website with same name as others. We need a unique domain name(website name) for our website. Internet follows First Come First Serve rule.

Why do we need a website or blog?

1. To share our ideas

We can create a website to share our ideas with the world. We can use websites if we are shy or afraid to share our ideas with others or we want our ideas to become popular.

2. To interact with the customers or public

We can create a website to socially interact with our customers or with the public.

3. To become popular

4. To make money

We can create a website to make money online. Some people create websites for providing services, while many use it for making money. If we want to make money from website we write quality content in our websites. The main source of income for websites are from advertisements shown on websites.