NASA spacescraft fly over Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’

NASA’s Juno spacecraft came directly over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot about 5,600 miles above its surface.

The Great Red Spot is actually a giant storm that has been blowing on Jupiter for centuries. It is larger than the Earth in diameter.

The spacescraft will get close to the red spot to study it in detail, to help us understand how this giant storm works. The spacescraft will take detailed images of the spot to know more. It also carries scientific instruments to collect additional details about the storm. One of the instrument can measure the gravity field around the spot.

“It’s possible that the roots are quite deep, So we’ll be able to take a look at that and see what’s underneath the cloud tops. Maybe there’s a blob going around Jupiter that’s underneath the Red Spot, and we may be able to see that,” says Bolton.

The scientists are eager to know more and study about the ‘Great Red Spot’.