How to Install Turbo C++ Fullscreen on Windows 7, 8 & 10 [SOLVED]

Many face a fullscreen problem after installing Turbo C++ compiler on windows. It does not support fullscreen on latest windows versions (7, 8 & 10). Don’t worry this problem can be solved by installing Turbo C++ with DosBox emulator.

To install Turbo C++ fullscreen on Windows 7, 8 & 10 follow these steps :

1. Download and install DosBox : Download

2. Download the Turbo C++ files : Download

3. Create a folder TurboCpp in C Drive, (c:\TurboCpp\)

4. Extract the Turbo C++ ZIP flie using WinZip or WinRAR into the folder TurboCpp (c:\TurboCpp\)

5. Run the DOS Box from the icon located on the desktop

6. Type cls to clear the screen

7. Type mount d c:\TurboCpp\ press Enter.

8. Now we will get a message β€œ Drive D is mounted as a local directory C:\TurboCpp\”

9. Type d: to shift to Drive D

10. Type: install.exe to install Turbo C++ and press Enter 2 times

11. Enter the Source drive: D and press Enter to continue

12. Now press Enter to continue

13. Now select Start Installation and press Enter

14. Now Turbo C++ is installed on your system😊 Press any key to continue to view readme file.

15. Type the code below every time you start DosBox and press Alt+Enter to enter fullscreen mode. To start Turbo C++ in fullscreen automatically refer steps below. If you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comments section.

mount d C:\TurboCpp\


cd tc

cd bin


Follow the steps below to start Turbo C++ fullscreen automatically.

To Start TurboC++ fullscreen in the DOS Box automatically, follow these steps

1. Now we have to open dosbox.conf file. For DOS Box versions older than 0.73 browse into ‘Dos box’ installation folder (C:\Program Files\Dos Box) and open the β€œdosbox.conf” file in any text editor (for eg. Notepad). For version 0.74 click Start or press Windows Key, search and click on β€œDOS Box 0.74 Optionsβ€œ

2. Scroll down to the end of the file and add the lines as shown below :

mount d C:\TurboCpp\


cd tc

cd bin


Save the file by clicking Save from File>Save. Then close the file.

3. Now Dos Box will automatically mount and start Turbo C++ 3.0 when we start Dos Box . Then press Alt+Enter for fullscreen mode. If you liked this article, subscribe sciencetechbytes via email to get new updates and like on facebook.

(Optional) To use shortcut keys to perform operations in Turbo C++, follow these steps:

1. Press [ctrl]+[F1] while running Turbo C++ to view/change the mapper commands.

2. To use Ctrl+F9 to run the c++ program click on ShutDown as shown below.

3. Then click on Del to delete the default shortcut. Then click on Add to add new shortcut.

4. Press β€œq” on the keyboard

5. Then Then click mod1 in the lower left corner to close DOS Box with [ctrl]+[q]. Then click on Save.

6. Now the Mapper file is saved. Now we can use Turbo C++ normally.

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