Hyperloop pod sets new high speed record



The futuristic hyperloop transport system tests managed to propel one of its pods at 355km/h (220mph). The tests set up a new record for the technology only days after another prototype reach 324km/h. Hyperloop places pods within an airless tunnel and tries to accelerate those to very high rates of speed to trim travel times for freight and individuals.

Backers of the hyperloop idea declare that eventually the pods will travel at rates of speed around 1,000 km/h.

The theory for the version of the hyperloop travel system becoming developed was floated in 2013 by Tesla manager Elon Musk. This week observed the first exams of prototype carriages or pods on the one mile long test trail near LA. A pod created by a German pupil team emerged top in this competition.

Mr Musk said that after the prototype competition was done, the hyperloop team let a “pusher pod” travel alone on the tunnel test tracks.

The pusher pod was used to move prototypes down the tracks during the tests. Running alone, the pusher pod placed the new record before things started out getting rid of, wrote Mr Musk. He detailed the spectacle of the pod rushing down the monitor as “…similar to racing with a tugboat”.

Advancements to the test track indicate that the pods will strike 500 kms/h the following month, he said.

The group of assessments this week suggest the technology is near the top quickness of which existing transport  technology can travel.

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