How to Remove Grub Error


People using computers with both windows and ubuntu often face a problem. If we install ubuntu while there is windows installed in our computer the MBR(Master Boot Record) of Windows’ will be ovewritten by the Ubuntu’s boot menu. When we make change disk drives in windows then ubuntu boot menu will fail to load after shutdown or restart. If we change partition or resize partition inside ubuntu there will be no problem.

The grub error during boot time can be solved only by reinstalling ubuntu or by using Windows’ repair disk. The best way is to reinstall ubuntu using a bootable ubuntu CD/DVD/USB.

If we don’t have a bootable disk we can create one using one. For that we need another working computer. If we don’t have one use a friend’s PC and make bootable USB.

To make a USB bootable follow this link : How to make a bootable USB

1. Then start the pc and get into ‘boot options’/’boot menu’ of your PC. To get into this ‘boot options’/’boot menu’ different PC manufactures uses different keyboard keys. Follow this link : Boot Menu Option Keys and System BIOS Keys

2. Select ‘USB flash drive’ from ‘boot options’. Now ubuntu installation menu will appear.

3. Select ‘Install Ubuntu’ –> Select Language –> Select wireless connection –> Select ‘Install Ubuntu alongside Windows’ –> Click ‘Install Now’.

4. Then ‘Choose your location’ –> Select preferred ‘keyboard Layout’ –> Then enter login information like user name, password etc.

5. After that click ‘Continue’. Now installation will start and after installation is finished the computer will restart. Now the grub boot menu is restored.

6. To avoid this ‘grub error’ in future follow this link : How to restore windows master boot record