How to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum using Credit / Debit card without Verification


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. There are many exchanges that sell Bitcoins, but they all want ID verification, many of them asks for your selfie to verify. The exchange mentioned below requires no or little verification.

To buy Bitcoin / Ethereum using Credit / Debit card follow these steps:

1. Register at Coinmama

With coinmama we can buy and sell Bitcoins/Ethereum for USD or EUR with credit/debit cards. Click here to register. For purchases < $150 no verification is needed. If you are from India read this article : How to buy Bitcoin from India.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

2. Click Buy Bitcoins. For purchases > $150 verification is needed (verification process is simple just upload national id card / driving license / passport). Goto step 5 for purchases > $150.


3. Then enter the amount in dollars or euros (minimum amount is 60$). After entering the amount click Buy Bitcoins.


4. Complete the order by entering credit/debit card details. [IMPORTANT] Before completing order you will be asked to enter your Bitcoin Wallet address, to which the bitcoins are deposited.

To create a Bitcoin wallet and address click here. To create Ethereum wallet and address click here.

5. For larger purchases after registering click ‘Verify your account’. Verify your identity with an identity proof (national id card, driving license etc). The verification process will take some time.

There are 3 levels of verification with different buy limits. For LEVEL 1 verification only national id card or driving license is needed. Scan or take good quality photos  of both sides and upload them. The buy limit for LEVEL 1 is 10,000$.


6. After completing verification goto step 2. Subscribe this blog via email for new updates about cryptocurrencies.

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