How to Buy a Bitcoin Prepaid Debit Card Without Verification


Buy a Bitcoin prepaid debit card with no verification. There are many services that provide Bitcoin debit cards, only a few provides Bitcoin debit card without verification. If you want a Bitcoin wallet and prepaid Bitcoin Debit card to spend Bitcoin as cash, read this article.

Cryptopay and Wirex provides Bitcoin debit cards without verification. The limit for Cryptopay is $1000, for Wirex it is $800. They provide plastic and virtual Debit cards. Register for both before they make verification mandatory.

Steps to get a Bitcoin Debit card

1. Register at cryptopay / Wirex (register with this links to get 25% discount on debit card fees).

2. Click Sign Up and register using your name, email and password. After signing up you recieve a confirmation email. Click it and confirm. Then verify your device using next email recieved.cryptopay

3. Click Order a card.


4. Cryptopay provides two cards : normal Plastic card and a Virtual card. Select the type of card and your currency. It supports USD, EUR and GBP. Then click continue.


5. Now enter the Billing details. If you have ordered a Plastic Card there will be a section to enter Shipping Address to ship the card to your address. Then click Continue.cryptopay

6. Now checkout by paying the card fees. For Virtual debit card it is $2.5. After checking out you will be able to use the card within minutes following their instructions. An article you may like: How to protect our privacy and browse anonymously.

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