How to Dowload Torrents and Files with IDM Anonymously

torrent anonymous

We download torrents using uTorrent or BitTorrent. But downloading through these torrent downloaders will expose our IP address. Dowloading cracked softwares or movie torrents are illegal. Using cloud torrent services we can download torrents anonymously. In this method we upload torrent to cloud website and dowload it as the original file from the cloud.

Using cloud torrent websites for downloading torrents have 2 advantages:

  • High speed instant download
  • Dowload torrents anonymously
  • Download torrents using IDM (Internet download manager) or browser

Steps to Download Torrents Anonymously using IDM

1. Register at a torrent cloud website. I use filestream. Filestream provides free torrent dowload upto 200MB/file.

Filestream provides 1 year plans: 1GB/file at 3.5$, 2.5GB/file at 19$ (recommended), 50GB/file at 43$, 100GB/file. If you don’t have money to buy paid plans use seedr which provide free torrent dowload upto 2GB/file, but its download speed is a bit slow and its paid plans are costly.

filestream offers

2. Upload torrent file and click Load.


3. Then change the file name and extension and download the file using browser or IDM. For complete anonymity read this article: How to Protect our Privacy and Browse Anonymously.